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Naming Opportunities

A naming opportunity presents a unique chance for individuals, families, and businesses to help build the future of the Talbot County Free Library. Through these naming opportunities, your gift in support of “Building for the Next Century” will have a demonstrable effect upon our mission (“...to connect our community to ideas and information to enrich and renew lives”), while creating a long-lasting tribute to the person or family named. Your gift, and the name that will become associated with it, will contribute directly to the quality of life in our community, providing access to enriching materials, resources and facilities for years to come to residents and visitors to Talbot County.

Spaces, furniture, and other parts of the Easton and St. Michaels libraries may be “named” in honor of someone special in your life. In addition to the naming opportunities list following, the Director is always available to work with individual donors to create additional opportunities for meaningful recognition.

The St Michaels Library will be renovated and expanded by late 2025. The Library's renovation will transform the libraries spaces and services and include study rooms, an expanded meeting room, a quiet reading room, expanded children's and teen areas, a library café, and new innovative technology.

Years of careful planning have brought us to this moment. Just as the community came together over thirty years ago to build the library's original structure, this expansion and renovation of the St. Michaels Library's physical plant and services will depend on the generosity of Talbot County residents and support from the County.

We invite you to leave a legacy to make the expanded St. Michaels Library vision a reality. Gifts of sufficient size to name the newly expanded St. Michaels Library or the Easton Library, their rooms, or furnishings, will serve as a lasting reminder of the generosity and commitment of the people of our community. Such gifts will be recognized by the placement of commemorative plaques or inscriptions bearing the donor's name or the names of those being honored or memorialized.

The value assigned to each space or item is based on visibility or functional importance and may not reflect the actual cost. For gifts of the following amounts, donors will be recognized for their contributions:

Library Building varies based on location
Main Community Meeting Room $200,000
Café Space $200,000
Quiet Reading Room $200,000
Children’s Area $150,000
Teen Area $150,000
Foyer/Entryway $150,000
Electric Vehicle Charging Station $125,000
Public Service Desk $100,000
Study Room $100,000
Social Computing Room $100,000
Computer Area $50,000
New Books Display $50,000
Reading Area $50,000
Early Literacy Center $35,000
Reading Nook $35,000
Magazine Display Area $35,000
Book Sale Area $35,000
External Bookdrop $20,000
Tree $20,000
Large Book Displayer $15,000
Outdoor Bench $10,000
Study Carrel $10,000
Small Book Displayer $10,000
Shelf $10,000
Table $10,000
Community Information Bulletin Board $5,000
Drinking Fountain $5,000
Computer $5,000
Chair $5,000
Book Cart $5,000
Name included in Annual Plan/Newsletter $500
Educational items for Children’s Area $300
Brick for St. Michaels $300/$100

Library Materials Collections:

General Fiction $200,000
Children’s Collection $200,000
Teen Collection $200,000
DVDs $100,000
Large Print $100,000
Books on CD $50,000
VOX Books $20,000
Dewey “tens range” $20,000
STEM Kits $10,000
Sheet Music $10,000
Others defined by director $5,000+
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