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Talbot County Free Library cardholders are now able to place their own inter-library loan requests. Please check our catalog first. Any items we own may not be requested through the ILL system.

To place a Marina request, follow the link below to the Marina website and login using your Talbot County Library barcode, without spaces. Once you are logged in, perform a search and scroll down to find the item you are interested in. You may select a title to find out more about the item. In order for an item to be requested in Marina, it must have the status, "Requestable" in the Marina Availability column.

If you see the message,“Click here to place an ILL request through the Talbot County Free Library.”, your request is likely to be forwarded to an out-of-state lender for a fee.

To submit requests not found in Marina, click on "My Account" at the top of the search page, then click on "request book" at the top of the page. Complete the form by providing as much information as possible. You must agree to the minimum $5.00 fee for shipping and processing in the event your request comes from an out of state lender. If the item comes from within the state, you will not be charged a fee.

Proceed to Marina

For further assistance please contact:
Talbot County Free Library
Phone: 410-822-1626