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Academy of the Arts (with 3 views)

Bellevue Ferry

Lane's Machine Shop (Talbot Town Site)

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club

Easton Airport (with 2 views)

Easton Town Building(Former Fire House) (with 2 views)

Historical Society (with 10 views)

Maritime Museum (with 3 views)

Memorial Hospital (with 2 views)

Miles River Yacht Club, St. Michaels

Moton High School, Easton (with 2 views)

Robert Morris Inn

St. Michaels Bank

Talbot County Court House, Easton (with 5 views)

Talbot Town Shopping Center Before Clearance (with 3 views)

Trader Horn (with 2 views)

Waverly Press, Easton (with 3 views)