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Ephemera Collections: Oversize Collection

Barcode Item/Date Description
33536001643075 Tax Receipt / 7 June 1784 Benjamin Harwood, Receiver of Continental Taxes for MD to pay $2,054 and 83/90 to Michael Hillegas, U. S. Treasurer. Recorded by Joseph Nourse, Registrar, and signed by Robert Morris
33536001643240 Family Record / 1799 William Palmer and Sarah Wallis Children: Agusta Sophia, William Phillip Sidney, Mary Ann Matilda, and John Wallis Palmer
33536001670359 Special Passport / 2 Sept 1914 Issued to Helen Covey, member of the American Red Cross European Relief Detachment. Signed by William Jennings Bryan, U.S. Secretary of State.
33536001670367 Petition in Favor of Temperance / 11 March 1874 Petition from 5,000 ladies sent to the Maryland House of Delegates
33536001670375 Ballot / 1892 State and local elections
33536001670383 Political Broadside / 1906 Easton, Talbot County, MD. Conflict between the Water Co. and the Health Dept. over water quality.
33536001670391 Campaign Sign / 1906 Re-election of Mayor Higgins of Easton, Talbot Co., MD.
33536001670409 Campaign Sign / 1906 Easton, Talbot County, MD. Martin M. Higgins for Mayor; L. S. Fleckenstein for Council President; Alonzo M. Robson, W. O. Merrick, Alfred Garey, G. G. Ross for Council.
33536001671134 Muster Roll / 1864 Capt. Read's Company G of the 39th Regiment of the U. S. C. T. Infantry, U. S. Army.
33536001671142 Land Plat / 12 March 1878 The Glebe, Talbot County, MD. Division of Real Estate of Ennals Martin. Copy of plat (drawing) from 1861. Land Commission Records, folio 373.
33536001671159 Land Warrant / 1745 Talbot County, Maryland. Charles, Lord Baltimore, to William Gale. "Fisher's Discovery," Kings Town, Choptank River.
33536001671167 Pamphlet / 28 June 1782 Early Subscribers to Washington College, St. Pauls Parish, Kent County, MD. Signatures of subscribers.
33536001671175 Colonial Land Re-Survey / 1745 Talbot County, MD. Charles, Lord Baltimore, to Robert Goldsborough. Lists early grants of the land on Plain Dealing Creek.
33536001671183 Power of Attorney / 1 Sept 1743 From Foster Cunliffe and Sons, Liverpool, to Robert Morris, William Fishwick and John Hanmor, their factors in Maryland.
33536001671191 Appointment to Talbot County Commission of the Maryland Council of Defense / 27 June 1917 James C. Mullikin, appointee. Signed by Emerson C. Harrington, Governor of MD and Thomas W. Simmons, Sec. of State.
33536001671266 The Enterprise / July 1879 Vol. 1, No. 1. Publication of the New Academy of Music, later the Music Hall, Easton, Talbot County, MD.
33536001643067 The Oriole Observer / Oct. 1881 Covers Oriole Festival in Baltimore
33536001643190 The Caroline Sun / 1917 Ridgely 50th Anniversary Edition
33536001643208 U.S. Military Record / 25 July 1863 Company H, 1st Reg. Eastern Shore MD Vols.
33536001643232 Plats / 1852 Baltimore Water Supply
33536001684848 Cemetery Plat / 1960/1983 update 3rd Haven Friends Burial Ground, Easton, MD
33536001868029 Ferry Schedule / 1939 Love Point - Baltimore Baltimore and Eastern Railroad Co.
33536001868201 Program / Sept. 1883 Baltimore Oriole Festival Advertising and float descriptions
33536001868086 Drawing / 1954 The Old Court House Square, Easton Henry Chandee Forman, architect
33536001868144 Bond Certificate / 1857 Maryland and Delaware Railroad Co. Issued to Richard Thomas and James M. Seth of Easton