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Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2015 - 2017

The Talbot County Free Library's (TCFL) new strategic plan builds upon the foundations of its FY2009-2014 predecessor in charting a course to measure our success as a community anchor and a center for education and lifelong learning.

During the five years of the previous strategic plan, TCFL has undergone tremendous improvements in the library's facilities, its physical and virtual collections, and the many different services we offer to our patrons. Many of these improvements were not tracked in the previous strategic plan.

The major accomplishment in the years covered by the prior strategic plan has been the renovation and expansion of the Main Library in Easton. We also have made extensive improvements to the library's educational services, community outreach and partnerships, collections, programming, and public computing and network.

The statistics to support these improvements are enumerated in the analysis of the previous plan's goals, objectives, and organizational competencies. While the statistical analysis of the previous plan shows great progress, it does not capture the full range of TCFL's accomplishments during this time.

To this end, we propose these new goals and objectives for FY2015 through 2017:

TCFL is a vital part of the public education system in Talbot County.


  1. Increase availability and efficiency of library services at the point of need.
  2. Market, improve, and promote the library's physical and virtual collections.
  3. Work with our community partners to improve access to free public educational services beyond the library walls.

TCFL provides an engaging and enriching experience to its community.


  1. Create and enhance the library's physical spaces.
  2. Transform the library's online presence.
  3. Provide superior customer service to our users at the point of need.

TCFL anticipates and plans for the future of library services.


  1. Investigate and expand non-traditional services.
  2. Work with partners to anticipate community needs.
  3. Seek and adapt best practices in the field.

Adopted by the TCFL Board of Trustees April 22, 2015