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Rules of Conduct

Welcome to the Talbot County Free Library. We value our patrons and strive to treat them with courtesy and respect. We hope you find the Library a comfortable and welcoming place. Please be considerate of the rights of others as you use this public facility.

To ensure access to Library Services and for the safety of all users, the following conduct is prohibited at all branches of the Talbot County Free Library: Engaging in any activity prohibited by law, or in violation of Library policies.

Patrons must follow the Rules of Conduct established by the Talbot County Free Library Board of Trustees while visiting or contacting the Library by telephone or through online services. Library personnel may ask persons who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior to modify their behavior. Failure to do so may result in a ban from all Talbot County Free Library buildings and grounds, loss of library privileges, and possible arrest and prosecution. Library staff have the authority to make decisions that may involve contacting the police and/or issuing a ban based on patron violation of the rules established by the Talbot County Free Library Board of Trustees. The length of the ban can vary, depending on the severity of the misconduct. The Library maintains written documentation of patron offenses and bans. Enforcement of the Library's Rules of Conduct will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Patrons whose Library privileges are suspended for any length of time or revoked will receive oral or written notice of the violation, the opportunity to be heard, and a fair and impartial decision.

Approved by the Talbot County Free Library Board, December 1, 2016.