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Meeting Room Facilities

Priority for use of the meeting rooms will be given in the following order:

  1. Talbot County Free Library (TCFL).
  2. Government departments and officials (local, state, and federal).
  3. Non-profit organizations and community groups for meetings or programs of a civic, cultural, or educational nature. All meetings must be free and open to the public.

The Talbot County Free Library, its Board of Trustees and employees assume no responsibility for the actions, opinions, or expressed points of view of the organizations that sponsor or host meetings, or the individuals who attend meetings and events on library premises.

The library is not liable for damages or theft of any equipment or personal belongings.


Use of the meeting rooms is free of charge. Groups are responsible for set up, break down, and clean up of the meeting rooms.

Reasonable charges will be assessed for any damage to rooms and their contents beyond normal wear and tear, for failure to break down meeting rooms, or for any required clean up, in which case groups will be denied subsequent use of meeting rooms until payment is received.


Reservations for meeting rooms at the two TCFL branches are handled individually. For reserving meeting rooms at the Main Library in Easton, please call: 410-822-1626. For reserving the meeting room at the St. Michaels Branch, please call: 410-745-5877.

Room Capacities

As determined by the Office of State Fire Marshall, maximum occupancy for the library meeting rooms are as follows:


Rooms are not reserved until groups receive a confirmation from TCFL. Confirmation will be given upon:

  1. Verification of information on the application, and
  2. TCFL's determination of availability.

Non-Library Group Rules

  1. Smoking is not allowed in any TCFL building or on its grounds.
  2. Any publicity must carry the name of a contact person and/or telephone number of the organization running the program. TCFL may not be identified as a sponsor.
  3. Groups must have at least one adult representative present at all meetings.
  4. Attendance is limited to the posted room maximum allowed by the Fire Marshall at each location. Meeting rooms may not reserved for groups of fewer than 6 (six) people.
  5. All meetings must conclude 15 minutes prior to the building's closing. All groups must exit the building at closing.
  6. No exhibits, maps, charts, posters, etc., may be hung on the walls without advance permission. Check with the specific branch regarding the availability of blackboards, tack boards, or picture display molding.
  7. Library meeting room audiovisual equipment is for library use only.
  8. Light refreshments may be served if requested in the application, and if the kitchenette is left in an orderly condition. No alcoholic beverages may be served without permission.
  9. Individual groups may not use library meeting rooms more than 3 times per calendar year. If demand is heavy, reservation requests may be denied to allow other groups use of the room.
  10. The rooms are not available for purposes where, in the judgment of the Library Director, disorder and substantial disruption of the functioning of the library are likely to occur.
  11. Applicants (representing the group) must be 18 years of age or older.
  12. Any publicity generated by groups for meetings held in TCFL meeting rooms must include a non-library phone number for information.
  13. The meeting room will not be available prior to the time booked. Please include time needed for set up.
  14. Groups must bring their own supplies, including audiovisual equipment, etc.
  15. No fund-raising programs, other than TCFL fund raising, can takeplace in the meeting rooms.
  16. Meeting Rooms are not available for purely social gatherings (such as parties or entertainment), religious ceremonies or services, or for political campaigns. The library will, however, make every effort to provide to the public relevant information about issues and candidates in a balanced and prudent fashion in the judgment of the Director. Political solicitations and/or petitioning of the library patrons on library property is prohibited.
  17. Meeting room must be returned to its original condition, with chairs arranged in auditorium seating.
  18. The Library Director and the Board of Trustees reserve the right to make exceptions to these rules as needed.


  1. TCFL requests that groups provide 24 hours of notice for any meeting cancellation. Failure to provide this notice may jeopardize future bookings.
  2. Reservations for meeting rooms will be canceled automatically when TCFL closes for inclement weather or emergency situations.
  3. TCFL reserves the right to:

Rules approved by the Board of Trustees of the Talbot County Free Library, February 27, 2013.

Download the Meeting Room Contract – PDF.