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Teacher's Library Card

The Talbot County Free Library (TCFL) is pleased to announce that we are now offering a fine-free Teacher's Library Card. The new card is a way to provide books and access to TCFL's 24/7 digital collections and research databases for the benefit of students who live in the county. It allows teachers to supplement their curriculum with an abundant, ever-changing supply of books on a wide range of subjects and reading levels. Teachers can create temporary classroom collections as well as encourage reading in the classroom.

Who is eligible for a Teacher's Library Card?

Educators working in Talbot County including:

  • public and private school teachers
  • media specialists/librarians
  • licensed child care providers
  • homeschool parents and guardians residing in Talbot County

How do I get the card?

Applicants must provide a driver's license or other valid form of identification that verifies their current home address; as well as proof of current teaching assignment. Some examples of acceptable proof of teaching assignment include:

  • Teacher's Work ID with a pay stub issued in the last 60-days
  • Letter on school or daycare letterhead, which includes the name of the teacher applying for the teacher's library card, dated for the current school year and signed by the principal of the school or owner of the daycare
  • A current State of Maryland Child Care Certificate (for licensed daycare providers)
  • Verification from Talbot County Public Schools of homeschooling status

Does the card expire?

Yes. The Teacher's Library Card must be renewed at the beginning of each school year and will expire yearly on August 31 regardless of when the card was obtained the previous school year. All outstanding balances on both the Teacher's Library Card and the personal library card must be resolved before the Teacher's Library Card can be renewed.

Is a personal card required?

In order to keep personal borrowing separate from items borrowed for the classroom, teachers must have a personal Talbot County Free Library card without any outstanding fines on it before they can apply for and receive a Teacher's Library Card. Teachers can apply for their personal and Teacher's Library Card on the same day. The fee for non-Maryland residents applying for a personal card is $25. There is no additional fee to apply for the Teacher's Card.

What can I check out with my Teacher's Library Card?

The Teacher's Library Card is to be used for classroom-related books and TCFL's 24/7 digital collections and databases. It cannot be used to check out DVDs, Playaway Launchpads, Interlibrary Loan materials, or 14-day materials like new books. You may use a personal card if you wish to check out these other types of materials.

How many items can be checked out and for how long?

Teachers are allowed to check out up to 50 books, which will circulate for 8 weeks with a Teacher's Library Card. Items may not be renewed. Please consider limiting your selections to 5 books on a single subject if selecting more would significantly impact the availability of books on that subject for other patrons.

What happens if my items become overdue?

The library does not charge overdue fines for materials kept past their due date on a Teacher's Library Card. However, additional materials cannot be checked out until all overdue items are returned. Please try to return materials to the library in a timely fashion so that other library patrons can enjoy them, and so that you will be able to continue checking items out on your Teacher's Library Card.

What happens if I lose or damage an item?

While overdue fines are not assessed on a Teacher's Library Card, other fees may be, such as replacement costs for lost or damaged materials. If an item you have checked out becomes lost or damaged, please let us know so that we can determine what fees may need to be paid before you can resume borrowing items on your Teacher's Library Card.